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The 7 Best Don’t Starve Together Mods

Last updated: June 9, 2021

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Don’t Starve Together is a great game that has a huge library of mods that can be applied to both the single-player and multiplayer versions.

However, many of the mods do not work on both versions so you will need to check before installing each mod via the Steam Workshop.

Mods will change the game in a number of ways including simple UI alterations, overpowered weapon modifications and multiplayer adjustments to make the game fit your community specifications.

My 7 Best DST Mods

Though every gamer is different, so I’m just going to talk about my top recommended Don’t Starve Together mods for new players that can be downloaded and installed in under five minutes.

Display Food Values

Display Food Values mod

Information about your surroundings and items are crucial to your success in the game, which is why creator “潇666” created the Display Food Values mod.

This mod will show you the hunger, health and sanity that each item will reward upon eating.

This is great for new players as unique food items can usually cause negative effects that only an experienced player would know about.

The mod also allows you to view the time in which it takes the food to rot.

This will allow you to rotate your food much more efficiently as every morsel counts.

Simple Health Bar mod in action

Simple Health Bar

Enemies are rather challenging in DST as you are unable to view how much health they have making them a mystery to new players.

The “Simple Health Bar” mod by DYC has taken the mystery out of fighting bosses and mobs.

It comes with a couple of styles to choose from, players will now be able to better judge an enemy’s strength as their health is now displayed above their head.

Less Lags

Less Lags Mod for DST

Server lag is a huge problem for players that are trying to run a server locally from their own computer.

Players that experience lag has two options, they can either rent a private server that will improve the performance of their game (An in-depth guide can be found here) or they can download and install the “Less Lags” mod by “Astro” which will allow them to configure their settings to allocate better server resource management.

For example, you can choose to remove items that are dropped on the ground or food items that have rotted for the game automatically.

This will remove some of the server requests that the computer is making, allowing that time to be spent on other tasks.

Mini-map HUD

Mini-map HUD Mod

Navigation in DST isn’t easy as the game requires you to access the map in order to track your location rather than displaying a mini-map in the corner of the game screen.

This was of course a design choice on purpose. It makes checking the map very dangerous during a multiplayer game as the game does not stop when a player is looking at the map.

However, you can avoid this by downloading the “Mini-map HUD” by mod developer “squeek“.

It acts as a guide to show the surrounding areas which can greatly improve your navigation around your base and farming spots.

Global Positions ModGlobal Positions

The creators of DST wanted to create realism in their game by not including the global location of each player.

Though this can be incredibly annoying for players as each map is randomly generated, meaning you will never have a fixed location that all players can meet at.

This is why creator “rezecib” created the “Global Positions” mod as it makes the game much friendlier and easier to navigate.

This mod is great for first-time players and can help you survive longer.

Smart Crock Pot

Smart Crock Pot Mod

For new players the crock pot can seem rather unpredictable as it doesn’t come with a guide on what to cook, meaning the players will need to experiment with the items they put in.

To save wasting items a player can either search for the recipes online or add the mod “smart crock pot” which will show the predicted outcome of the ingredients you’re adding to the crockpot.

This will improve your food management and may save your life when the food shortage arrives.

Ice Fling Range Check

Ice Flingomatic Range Check Mod

Summer is the cruelest season in DST as the hot sun can quickly ruin your base if you haven’t created any ice flinging machines.

What’s worse is not knowing the area of the machine, which can also leave many of your valuable resources out of range.

With the “Ice Fling Range Check” mod you can easily adjust your base building to match the radius of the machine as the mod will display the area of the machine.

Other Great DST Mods to consider

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